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B = CA¥ is Hancock’s Law. "I grew up with a true artist in my family and I saw all the struggles he went through to have a career in the music industry. At the same time I watched performers with a lot of ambition make it in the business and I was moved to create the BUZZ Theory." In a nutshell, the BUZZ Theory may be explained as follows:

B = CA¥
Buzz means "people are talking about you.’'
The longevity and intensity of your career BUZZ will equal your
ONTROVERSY multiplied by your AUDIENCE to the INFINITE DEGREE (¥).

A complete lecture on the BUZZ Theory may be located in the Biz Box Series under Marketing, "Creating the Organic BUZZ".

MJ’s philosophy of ‘Artist in Control’ grew from the days of watching business owners take advantage of artists. "I believe if an artist takes a practical approach to the process of having a successful career in the business, then the artist is less likely to be taken advantage of and will have a better chance of having a successful career." MJ strives to empower the artist by giving the artist access to the legal, business, and marketing tools via her ‘BIZ BOX’ Series. An artist may turn an expensive hobby into a lucrative business and lasting career.

MJ worked in production in film, TV and radio, prior to practicing law. MJ’s background in production makes her sensitive to the artist’s need to be true to the spirit of the project and not ‘sell out’ just to get rich. However, her legal, business, and marketing experience in the business has made her realize that sometimes trends in pop-culture need to be exploited in order to achieve the artist’s goal of a lucrative and successful career. Your entertainment BUZZ will be greatly increased if you determine what your controversy is and exploit that controversy to your audience. Your career will grow infinitely if you continue to recreate your controversy and exploit that to your audience.

DISCLAIMER: MJ Hancock is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas. Many entertainment issues transcend state lines, such as copyrights and trademarks which are federal issues. However, MJ Hancock’s legal advice is limited to the jurisdictions of her licensing.

"Mary Jane has been a trusted ally for us - not only is she an adept and professional attorney, but she really understands the importance of keeping artists in control of their own careers. Nothing makes her happier than helping artists help themselves."
Ian Varley,
Writers of track for 'Freedom' for Solange Knowles of Music World Music for the film soundtrack for the 'Johnson Family Vacation'

"I really think artists are uniquely different from those of us who get on the treadmill and get the economy moving forward. Artist seem to be standing on the outside looking in. It has been rewarding to see these people who have such a different view of what we're doing on this planet blossom and grow."
MJ Hancock in an interview for the 'Daily Court Review' December 13, 2001 article by Flori Meeks

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