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MJ Hancock is a successful, experienced and well-respected entertainment attorney known for her zealous representation of independent ‘indie’ artists in all areas of the industry. She holds a BS in Radio, Television and Film, a Master of Arts in Philosophy and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Prior to starting her entertainment law practice, she worked for several years in production in radio, TV, and film as a producer, writer, director, as well as talent. She is the author of ‘The BIZ BOX Series, Documents You Need to Start Your Entertainment Company’ and ‘Creating the Organic BUZZ’, a marketing guide for artists and entertainers. Additionally, she is the owner and host of ‘The BIZ Seminars’, lectures and seminars offered throughout the year on the topic of entertainment law, business, and marketing. She is an advocate for artist’s rights and artist ownership of their creation vis-à-vis the commercial exploitation of the artist’s creation.

MJ has represented, counseled, consulted, and coached thousands of indie artists and entertainers regarding the legal, business, and marketing aspects of their careers since 1999. As a Professor of Entertainment, Copyright & Trademark, Business & Marketing classes, MJ has lectured at The University of Texas, Texas Southern University, The University of St. Thomas, Houston Community College, North Harris Montgomery Community College, and Leisure Learning Unlimited.

"M.J. aint no punk when it comes to this music biz trust me I know, I took her class & bought her book and I'm glad I did both. Its not to many women out there in this line of business, but I can say that M.J. will pull through every time with dat KILLA CROSS`OVA" Cory "Mo",

She has presented lectures on the entertainment business, and copyrights & trademarks to the:
• International Special Events Society (ISES) Houston & San Antonio Chapters
• Greater Houston Restaurant Association (GHRA)
• The Houston Ad Federation (HAF)
• South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW)
• Houston Multicultural Independent Film Festival (HMIFF)
• Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP)
• Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA)
• Houston Script Writers Association
• Authors and Publishers (AAP)
• Film Expo Texas
• Out Bound Music’s Annual Musician’s Workshop.

MJ is the:
• Founder of the Entertainment and Sports Law Section at the Houston Bar Association; and
• Chair for the Advisory Committee for the Film Program at Houston Community College - 2002-2004.

"Mary Jane went out of her way to help me with a contractual dispute I had with a self-publishing author. She interviewed other publishers to get a feel for what was industry standard and fair for the situation at hand. Her advice saved me from being taken advantage of and bullied into an agreement that was definitely not in my best interest. All I can say is — Thank you Mary Jane!" Gladis Rameriz, Graphic Designer
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