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MJ Hancock holds memberships to the:
• American Book Cooperative (ABC)
• Author and Publishers (AAP)
• Houston Fort Bend Song Writers Association
• Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
• Houston Advertising Federation,
• The Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas
• The State Bar of Texas, Entertainment and Sports Law Section
• Houston Bar Association., Entertainment and Spots Law Section

MJ Hancock has appeared on :
• ‘The Debra Duncan Show’ on ABC
• ‘The Thomas Web Variety Hour’ on Access TV
• The Chris Tritico and Brian Clary Show ‘Hearsay’ on TalkRadio 950 KPRC
• Dan Frishberg’s ‘The Money Man’ Radio 640
• Multiple appearances on Radio KTSU 90.9 and Radio KPFT 90.1
• Multiple appearances on The ‘Benny Boone Show’ on 104 KRBE
• Multiple articles in newspapers throughout Houston

MISSION STATEMENT: MJ Hancock’s mission is to honestly, and with integrity, represent her client’s interests while contributing positively to the bigger global picture of artist expression and artist rights in a physically, emotionally, and intellectually comfortable space.

"It is great to see someone like Mary Jane who is so close to Houston's music community spending as much time as she does working with young people who are interested in entertainment management and law. It is good for the students, it's good for the city, and in the long run, it will be good for the entertainment industry in Houston." Steve Sucher , co-founder, Musicians Benevolent Society of Houston


In the midst of being such a newbie in this crazy film business, it was a true educational experience confiding with MJ Hancock when my first film was accepted to Sundance Film Fest and later to Cannes Film Fest. When the film was picked up by Gus van Sant and John Cameron Mitchell as Executive Producers, I needed legal help. MJ was there for me during such an important part of my understanding of how the industry functions. She conveyed contract terms to me in plain English….. and I comprehended the process." Jonathan Caouette, Filmmaker, ‘Tarnantion
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